5G Research

Research in 5G addresses key challenges in development of a 5G infrastructure capable of providing connectivity for future technologies


Test Bed

Providing a comprehensive end-to-end wireless testbed environment to aid and assist in the research and development of latest technologies


Solution Development

Development of innovative solutions to industry and academic partners on advanced wireless topics, LTE and LTE advanced


Licensing IPs

Licensing algorithms and software IPs to industry and R&D partners to facilitate development of products and solutions for the Indian market.

Latest News and Updates
TSDSI conducted a workshop on 5G Vision on behalf of DoT on 19 April 2017

TSDSI conducted a workshop on 5G Vision on behalf of DoT on 19 April 2017

TSDSI conducted a workshop on 5G Vision on behalf of DoT on 19 April 2017 in order to bring together all stakeholders and converge on a 5G vision for India. This addressed both the USE in INDIA as well as the MAKE in INDIA aspects. CEWiT participated and presented as ...

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Workshop on Prototyping Experimental 5G Test beds on 01st March 2017

IIT-Madras along with TSDSI, CEWiT, and India-EU ICT Standardization Collaboration project, have organized a workshop on Prototyping Experimental 5G Testbeds on 01st March 2017. The workshop Chaired by Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj (Professor Emeritus, Marconi Society Fellow, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University) was attended by a large number of participants ...

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ITU-R meeting in Geneva February 2017

ITU-R meeting in Geneva February 2017

Indian delegation to the ITU-R meeting in Geneva from 14-22 February 2017 proposed a new test configuration for evaluation of IMT2020 (5G) technologies based on the rural scenarios in India. Called LMLC (Low Mobility Large Cell) scenario, this focuses on low mobility users in a set of villages and farms ...

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Standardization Updates

Global standardization bodies like ITU and 3GPP have initiated work on 5G technology standardization. 3GPP, a global partnership project which includes the TSDSI from India, is working on Release 14, considered the pre-5G release! TSDSI, the Indian Telecom Standards Development Organization is also focusing on 5G technologies aligned with global standardization activities.


Look out for more here as the 5G Standardization progresses.


BWSIM - Broadband Wireless Simulator


BWSIM, a powerful 4G Advanced simulator, supporting link level and system level simulations of a 4G/4G-Adv/5G heterogeneous network has been developed by CEWiT for R&D and training purposes. BWSIM has been licensed to several industry partners and academic institutions