5G Research

Research in 5G addresses key challenges in development of a 5G infrastructure capable of providing connectivity for future technologies


Test Bed

Providing a comprehensive end-to-end wireless testbed environment to aid and assist in the research and development of latest technologies


Solution Development

Development of innovative solutions to industry and academic partners on advanced wireless topics, LTE and LTE advanced


Licensing IPs

Licensing algorithms and software IPs to industry and R&D partners to facilitate development of products and solutions for the Indian market.

Latest News and Updates

Indian Friends of 3GPP

Indian Friends of 3GPP (IF3) of which CEWiT is a member, hosted the 3GPP RAN3#91-BIS Meeting from April 11-15 in Bangalore. The next 3GPP meeting being planned is 3GPP SA4 #91 MEETING October 24-28 again in Bangalore. 3GPP members in India can take advantage of these 3GPP meetings hosted in India.

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Partnership between Nokia and IIT Madras

Under a partnership between Nokia and IIT Madras, Nokia will fund and provide technological expertise for research at IIT-M's Center of Excellence for Wireless Technology (CEWiT) to create technology solutions that will enhance broadband connectivity in rural India. The project will evaluate the option of using unlicensed spectrum to deliver ...

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BWSIM 1.4.0

BWSIM 1.4.0 has been released to the partners. With this, BWSIM supports more features of latest releases of LTE-Advanced like Release 11 to Release 13. The simulator is also increasing its scope to Layer3 and X2 apart additions to the Layer1 and Layer2 which have been the strength of BWSIM. ...

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Standardization Updates

Global standardization bodies like ITU and 3GPP have initiated work on 5G technology standardization. 3GPP, a global partnership project which includes the TSDSI from India, is working on Release 14, considered the pre-5G release! TSDSI, the Indian Telecom Standards Development Organization is also focusing on 5G technologies aligned with global standardization activities.


Look out for more here as the 5G Standardization progresses.


BWSIM - Broadband Wireless Simulator


BWSIM, a powerful 4G Advanced simulator, supporting link level and system level simulations of a 4G/4G-Adv/5G heterogeneous network has been developed by CEWiT for R&D and training purposes. BWSIM has been licensed to several industry partners and academic institutions