NanoCell and CEWiT announce 5G Training Partnership

NanoCell Networks ( and CEWiT (Centre of Excellence in Wireless Technology, ( are delighted to announce a partnership to offer Training and Knowledge Management Services in 5G Technology.  This collaboration will bring the best 5G training courses to the Industry, Academics and Public.


The unique partnership is a combination of skills from two expert organizations; NanoCell Networks is an organization with decade old experience in organizing and delivering training on Wireless Topics across the world ( and CEWiT is an autonomous research society of IIT Madras that specializes in participating and contributing towards standardization activities apart from participating in various 5G related research activities (


Under this initiative, experts at NanoCell and CEWiT will jointly develop and deliver a comprehensive 5G Knowledge Management Solutions to meet the requirement of various organizations in addition to standard training courses listed below (click on each course for more details).

  1. 5G for business leaders
  2. 5G Overview
  3. 5G Technology Overview

For more details, please send your queries to

This collaboration will also bring 5G Knowledge Summit (, a half yearly conference to share knowledge and build community of 5G technology enthusiasts.  Organizations and Individuals that are interested to participate can send their request to For a similar initiative by NanoCell in partnership with other organizations for the Wi-Fi area can be found at www.wifi-ks