Each generation brings in a few radical concepts into the real world implementation. 5th generation technology does that in more than just in the radio technologies. We are working on some of these revolutionary concepts.

Millimeter Wave Communication

Millimeter Wave brings the possibilities of Gbps speeds into the hands of a normal user!

Massive MIMO

Massive MIMO is a huge step forward in the MIMO technology space, trying to beat the limitations of spectrum through the use of antennae of the order of 64, 128 and 256.

Dense Networks

The demands of broadband traffic is so huge that the current architecture of networks are not able to meet it. In order meet the increasing capacity requirements and latency requirements, networks are becoming denser. This necessitated a different network architecture of the network. That brings in a number of challenges.  There are interesting topics like Cloud RAN (CRAN), Coordinated Multi Point (CoMP) Transmission and Reception, Backhaul for the new architecture etc.

Wireless Solutions for Indian Market

While the technologies of the future are being researched and designed, communication solutions for what we need now are designed and developed in association with Industry partners.