CEWiT works with several industry partners in supporting and fulfilling their business and social objectives.  The engagements can be directly with CEWiT or jointly with IIT Madras or any other collaborator of CEWiT.


CEWiT ties up with R&D teams of established and burgeoning technology companies for conducting research in next generation wireless technologies. The partnership models are flexible and can be decided on a case to case basis.

The patents generated by CEWiT are also available for licensing by industrial partners. They range from standards related patents to product improvement algorithms.


A system level simulator can provide very good insights into the network and its behavior. A power 4G Advanced simulator called BWSIM supporting link level and system level simulations of a 4G/4G Advanced heterogeneous network has been developed by CEWiT for R&D and training purposes. BWSIM has been licensed to four industry partners for their 4G product development activities. It has also be been licensed to nine academic institutions for research and teaching purposes.

To get a glimpse of the simulator, click here.

Test Beds

CEWiT builds technology demonstrators and prototypes as part of its research and development activities. Industry partners can participate in the joint development of the test bed or license the prototypes and designs for product R&D activities.

The prototypes from the existing 4G test bed has been licensed to equipment vendors in India. It can also be used as part of research labs in academic institutes.

Developing Solutions

CEWiT leverages the wireless expertise it has gained over the years by helping companies develop solutions for various requirements. It could be driven by the business requirements of the industry partner or by their social obligations.

Training and Workshops

CEWiT provides training and conducts workshops for industry and academia. More than 20 trainings and workshops have been provided on 4G/4G-Adv/5G to various companies and technical institutes by CEWiT experts.